Applications for Contactless Communication in a Time of Social Distancing

Join the WAV team for a webinar with PSNI Global Alliance where you will learn all about applications for contactless communication in a time of social distancing. We will walk you through:  Different applications for contactless communication and how they are being utilized in different markets such as higher education lectures, court rooms, conference centers, […]

WaveCAST Audio via Wi-Fi Webinar


@2pm-2.45pm UK/15:00-15:45 Central Europe Introducing WAV Network Analyzer When is Audio via Wi-Fi a good fit for assistive listening, interpretation and silent TV applications – and why? Introduction of the industry unique WAV Network Analyzer for project planning, implementation and troubleshooting. Design considerations around customization, high user/channel count environments and security. This webinar is tailored […]


Webinar – Choosing The Right Assistive Listening Technology For Your Space

The WHO’s 2021 World Report on Hearing estimates that about one in four people – or about 2.5 billion – worldwide will have some type of hearing loss by 2050.  Global disability legislation in each country provides protections to these individuals and ensures that a building (and any services provided there) are equally accessible to […]

The Role Of Artificial Intelligence in Assistive Communication

From simple daily transactions at a bank to meetings with colleagues in multiple countries or at live events, the ability to communicate and be understood, regardless of your language or hearing ability, is imperative. While nothing can replace the benefits of human interpretation to facilitate communication, the cost and time to use these types of […]

Real-Time Wi-Fi Audio for Assistive Communication Webinar

In the webinar, you’ll learn how real-time audio over Wi-Fi can bridge the communication gap when hearing is not always about hearing loss. Audio via Wi-Fi is designed for larger assistive communication applications or for streaming areas where multiple audio sources exist. Take the guesswork out of selecting the best audio over Wi-Fi solution for […]

WaveCAST – Next Generation Audio via Wi-Fi – Webinar


Take the guesswork out of selecting the best audio over Wi-Fi solution for a venue's environment. Learn about the future of assisted communication via Wi-Fi with WaveCAST! Third-party control options with WF T5C Accessibility compliance with audio over Wi-Fi WF R2 second-generation Wi-Fi receiver The difference between non-real-time audio and real-time audio Design and network […]