The Benefits of Live AI Based Captioning.

Wednesday, August 26th at 10AM CDT. Register for this webinar at In this webinar you will learn all about live captioning that leverages the power of artificial intelligence. Join the experts from PSNI Global Alliance Global Preferred Vendor Partner, Williams AV as they walk you through:  Captioning types and the markets in which they are used […]

Assistive Listening in Highly Secure Environments

What are the best practices for deploying in higher ed lectures, court rooms, conference centers, teaching hospitals, corporate boardrooms? There are instances where you need to include everyone in a room but need the communication to be secure whether there are multiple rooms, floors or wings. Join PSNI Global Alliance Preferred Vendor Partner, Williams AV on Wednesday, […]

Applications for Contactless Communication in a Time of Social Distancing

Join the WAV team for a webinar with PSNI Global Alliance where you will learn all about applications for contactless communication in a time of social distancing. We will walk you through:  Different applications for contactless communication and how they are being utilized in different markets such as higher education lectures, court rooms, conference centers, […]