NEW from Williams AV: Presenter HUB and Audio Presenter HUB

NEW from Williams AV: Presenter HUB and Audio Presenter HUB

Minneapolis, Minn. – Williams AV has upped the ante with its newly enhanced Presenter HUB and Audio Presenter HUB wireless presentation systems.

The Presenter HUB is a video hub designed to simplify presentations and collaborations in your meeting room and beyond. It supports both wired USB and HDMI video components (cameras, computers and media players) and wireless mobile devices using Airplay®, Google Chromecast and Miracast™. The digital hub also provides HDMI connectivity with 4K support and a USB media port for connection to a PC or Mac – expertly supporting video conferencing, lecture capture or other video software applications.

The Presenter HUB performs as a multi-faceted presentation system, allowing annotation and highlighting capabilities on any live video source, as well as providing a digital whiteboard on demand. For added mobility, its iOS and Android apps allow you to stroll the room and control your computer’s presentation from your device – all while providing high-quality video to your display. With the USB media port, you can take anything connected to the Presenter HUB and stream it into such software applications as Zoom®, GoToMeeting™ and Skype™.

The Audio Presenter HUB incorporates all the features of the Presenter HUB – then cleverly adds audio to the mix, delivering industry first, truly wireless, audio + video connectivity. The Audio Presenter HUB can wirelessly connect all computers, tablets and smartphones to the installed audio and video systems in the room. Combine a conference call with a PowerPoint simply by connecting your phone to the Bluetooth and wirelessly connecting your laptop to the room display.

The advanced audio system in the Audio Presenter HUB features a professional mixer with Bluetooth. Its integrated mixer includes four inputs, two line outputs and two 25-watt amplifiers. Acoustic Echo Cancellation ensures echo-free conference calls. The patent-pending design allows for integration of the Bluetooth transceiver (the POD) into the ceiling directly over your workspace, minimizing distance limitations and signal blockage.

“Today’s meeting rooms are no longer just about connecting audio and video equipment in a room,” says Rob Sheeley, president and CEO of Williams AV. “They are equally about connecting your digital devices. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplay, Chromecast and Miraplay are digital connections that also need to be addressed in the room design. The Presenter HUB and Audio Presenter HUB are designed to allow integration of your AV components and your digital devices into one common system. This architecture enables you to leverage the professional pro audio and video systems in the room with any of your mobile devices. And, should you need to connect outside the room, our USB media bridge port streams your audio and video signals directly into your video conferencing, streaming and other PC/Mac applications.”

Serving professional communication needs worldwide since 1976, Williams AV offers digital, FM, infrared and induction loop wireless audio, as well as video annotation and presentation systems. Our products are used in an array of commercial applications, including hearing assistance, language interpretation, tour, corporate, education, government and house of worship. Systems currently include Digi-Wave™ digital communication, Personal PA® FM Listening, SoundPlus® infrared, Digi-Loop® induction loop, Pointmaker annotation and Williams AV presentation systems. For more information, please visit

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