ILD100 Induction Loop Driver

The IDL100 has been designed as a high quality amplifier for small to medium size induction loop systems in places such as video conference facilites, meeting rooms, small seminar rooms, TV rooms, nursing homes, private homes, reception and waiting rooms.

Available packages include:

  • Q400 boundary Mic
  • scart lead


  • Q400 boundary Mic


  • EM-1.2 Tie-clip Mic


  • System only

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Coverage Area

Power Input 15W 230V AC nominal, 45-65Hz
120V and 12V DC options also available
Power switch and LED indicator on front panel
Microphone input 2 inputs: 3.5mm mono connector for electret microphones
input DC powering for electret capsules. (Requires MAT60 adaptor to take XLR balanced microphone input).
Front panel recessed gain control
Line input 2 x phono (RCA) connectors, impedance 60kΩ each side,
20kΩ differential. Sensitivity matched to SCART signal level.
Front panel recessed gain control
Drive voltage 3.0Vrms (4.2Vpk) at maximum output current.
Drive current 3.4Arms (4.8Apk) continuous 1kHz sine wave
Short term peaks. 6.5A
Front panel recess drive control
Front panel LED indicates current peaks
Loop connector Lever cable clamp.
Frequency Response 80Hz to 6.5kHz
Automatic gain Control The AGC is optimised for speech. Dynamic range [gt]36dB
Front panel recessed input level control
Tone control Front panel recessed control
VOX switching To control prioritisation of microphone 1 input. 4 different actions when microphone 1 level is at the onset of compression. Options to attenuate or turn off other inputs when microphone 1 is active, and to turn microphone 1 off when below threshold if required.
Mobile applications A DC version is available which provides similar performance for mobile applications, powered from a 12V DC supply.
Cooling Cooling is by natural convection from the product casing.
Dimensions Width 124mm Depth 216mm Height 44mm
Weight 1.2kg
Environment IP20 protection; 20 to 90% relative humidity; 0 to 35ºC
Mounting Freestanding
Wall mounting – mounting holes provided on rear panel



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