MultiLoop Driver

The MLD5 is part of the new benchmark range for professional audio induction loop systems. The elegant, sturdy units feature the most compact and most robust design on the market, requiring only a single 19” rack mount. The MLD5 is capable of driving a wide variety of multiple loop configurations from multiple simple loops to phase shifted array systems for the most challenging requirements. With an Ampetronic MultiLoop™ Low Loss design, the MLD5 will drive an area up to 3875 sq. ft. (360 sq. m.), or can be used to drive two perimeter looped areas of up to[nbsp] 4520 sq. ft. (420 sq. m.) each.

Designed to provide optimum efficiency and ample current for standard compliant field strength, coupled with unmatched voltage headroom to ensure crystal clear sound reproduction without clipping or distortion at practical loads.

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Coverage Area

Power input 85W 230V AC nominal, 45-65Hz [120V option available]
Power switch [&] LED indicator (Hearing Loop logo) on front panel
Input 1 and 2 Programmable Microphone / Line XLR balanced input with programmable 15dB gain boost switchable between microphone and line on the rear panel.
Microphone specification; 200 – 600Ω, sensitivity -55dBu.
Selectable 12V phantom power on microphone only
Line sensitivity; -30dBu
Screwdriver adjustable front panel recessed gain control
Loop Output Drive voltage 10.2Vrms (14.5Vpk) at maximum output current per channel
Loop Output Drive Current 5Arms (7Apk) continuous 1kHz sine wave peak [gt]7A perchannel
Cont. pink noise 2.5Arms short term peaks [gt]10A per channel
Front panel recessed controls
Drive current indicated on two 6-LED displays in 3dB increments
Loop Connectors Neutrik NL4 Speakons (supplied), one for each output
Loop Monitor Provides access to monitor actual loop current via a 3.5mm stereo headphone connector on front panel
Channel A on left, channel B on right
Status A pair of isolated relay contacts to indicate system status;
fault = open circuit: system O.K. = short circuit
DC Output Resettable, fuse protected 12V 0.1A.
Freq. response 80Hz to 6.5kHz
Distortion THD+N [lt]0.2%1kHz sine at 2.33Arms
Automatic gain Control The AGC is optimised for speech. Dynamic range [gt]36dB
Metal loss correction Corrects system frequency response due to metal structures in Correction a building. Gain constant at 1kHz, adjustable gain slope from 0 to 3dB per octave. This does not compensate for signal loss from metal structures which can be significant.
Phase Shift User selectable at 0° or 90° between outputs
Fault Monitoring Fault indicators on the front panel;
Clipping – delivering over the rated voltage (per channel)
Temp – unit is too hot (temporarily mutes output signal)
Loop error – short circuit / open circuit error (per channel)
Status Contact A pair of relay contacts are provided for remote fault monitoring
Cooling Variable speed fan cooled. Front inlet, rear exhaust.
Size Full width 1U 19″ rack mount.
Width 430mm Depth 290mm Height 44mm
Weight 3.75kg
Environment IP20 rated; 20 to 90% relative humidity; 0 to 35ºC
Mounting Freestanding;
1U 19″ rack mount (brackets included)


5 Years

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