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The Easy and Affordable Solution to Hearing Loss

After not being able to afford lost hearing aids, the Esquerra family found a more affordable solution – the Pocketalker.

Hearing loss can have a significant social and emotional impact on everyday life. It can cause feelings of loneliness, isolation, and frustration. People with hearing loss often look for solutions to help support their hearing, but not every solution is the right fit. Assistive Listening devices like hearing aids can be expensive and difficult to use, which can add more stress to the situation.

Eric Esguerra and his family saw the impact of hearing loss firsthand when their father’s hearing aids stopped working, and he had to find another solution. “My dad has impaired hearing, and his hearing aids stopped working. My sister and I wanted to get him new hearing aids for his birthday, but replacing them cost a lot of money. And we found a more affordable solution – the Pocketalker.”

The Pocketalker is a great solution if you are unable to afford new hearing aids or can’t get in to see your Audiologist. In addition, the Pocketalker is also simple to operate, and you don’t need to get fitted for it by an Audiologist.

Eric took a video of his father trying the Pocketalker for the first time, and you can see just how easy it is to use. You can noticeably see in this video that he can hear his family from multiple locations around the room. “We always had to look at him directly (so he can read lips), raise our voice, and almost always repeat what we just said.”

In the video, you can see his family hiding their mouths to talk, turning away from him, and talking at normal levels. The whole time, he could hear and understand them without any issues.

Eric said the Pocketalker was the “best birthday gift for our dad and us as well – he can hear what we’re saying, and we don’t even have to yell.”

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