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Williams Sound WOWS with ‘World’s First’


Williams Sound WOWS with ‘World’s First’ Assistive Listening Systems

Experience the latest in wireless listening technology at Williams Sound, Booth 953, at Infocomm13. We are pleased to introduce breakthrough, network-controlled FM and induction loop systems – the PPA T45NET and Digi-Loop.

PPA T45 FM Base Station Transmitter with Network Control
The cutting-edge PPA T45NET / T45 takes hearing assistance to a whole new level. This FM base-station transmitter offers network control capability from any remote location, multiple digital audio input options, and an OLED high-resolution screen with easy-to-manage menu navigation. It features a powerful microprocessor and the same high-quality audio and RF performance you’ve come to expect from Williams Sound. It’s technology that takes the guesswork out of complex audio installation. Simply select between voice, music, or hearing assistance in the application preset menu, and this transmitter quickly configures itself. With a range of up to 1000 feet, the PPA T45NET is ideal for large venues where superior coverage is essential.
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PLA DL210NET DSP Loop Amplifier with Network Control
The Digi-Loop™ induction loop amplifier is definitely state-of-the-art. DSP audio processing offers flexible, powerful software control of mixing, equalization, phase compression, and more. Powerful Class D, pulse-width amplifiers maximize efficiency, and reduce size and weight. And network control capability provides seamless, remote system set-up, operation and monitoring via laptop, tablet or other portable device. The Digi-Loop’s dual-amplifier design offers flexibility, with the option of single 12A output for perimeter loops or dual 10A outputs for loop arrays and low overspill loops. Priority input (70-100V) is also available for connection to a paging system, ensuring life/safety announcements are heard loud and clear. And Digi-Loop is the only loop amplifier to offer an easy-to-read LCD graphic display.
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