FM+ Worship Communication system

Worship Communication System: Coming to House of Worship Parking Lots Near You!

During these uncertain times it is important to cling on to as much normalcy as possible and to carry on with tasks and daily routines essential to one’s well-being. At Williams AV we know that attending religious services is an essential part of life for people around the world.
With current rules and regulations on social distancing, church goers are finding it difficult to attend their regular weekly worship service. To combat these current challenges we are facing Williams AV is launching a new FM+ package called the “Worship Communication System”. This new system will allow people to attend religious services in the safety of their own car using their own smart phone or tablet.
The Worship Communication System includes the Williams AV FM+ transmitter which allows for an unlimited number of FM listeners within a 1,000 foot range using a dedicated FM receiver. The FM+ system simultaneously delivery WiFi audio transmission enabling people to listen to services on their own smart phone or tablet. The WiFi transmissions supports up to 150 connected listeners within a 200 foot range.