Personal Hearing Products

Hearing made easy,
every day.

Williams AV products allow you to focus on
the sounds and voices most important to you.

Personal listening systems deliver superior audio directly to your ears, enhancing your connection to life.


The Pocketalker amplifies sounds closest to the listener while reducing background noise.

See how the Pocketalker can help you hear what matters most by watching our videos.

The Esguerra Family

Eric Esguerra's dad has impaired hearing and his hearing aids stopped working. "My sister and I wanted to get him new hearing aids for his birthday, but they cost quite a bit of money to replace. And we found a more affordable solution – the Pocketalker.”
The Esguerra Family


"The Pocketalker helps me hear things I never thought I would hear again.My hearing loss is profound to severe, and I am a cochlear implant candidate. And yet, I hear incredibly well with the Pocketalker."