About Us

About Us

About Williams AV

Williams AV manufactures pro AV technology for inclusion and engagement. At Williams AV, we believe that understanding is more than just hearing the words someone is speaking. When technology improves intelligibility and visibility, people can engage in every aspect of communication. Ideas are shared and productivity increases when everyone is included and able to collaborate.

For nearly 50 years, our products have helped simplify communication over distance and across both physical and language barriers. Starting out as an assistive listening system manufacturer, we have expanded our expertise in AI-powered captioning and translationwireless intercom, video annotation, and systems that help with human interpretation.

Our pro AV products can be found in over 60 countries in venues ranging from classrooms and courtrooms to houses of worship and stadiums. Our Williams Sound personal products are used daily in homes across all continents.

Williams AV helps people hear, see, and engage.

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Senior Leadership Team

Brad Kautzer
President, CEO

Steve Eitreim

Tony Braun
Global V.P. of Sales & Marketing

Per Danzl
V.P. of Engineering

Kari Nelson
Director of HR

Nancy Crowe
Director of Marketing

Per Persson
V.P. of International Sales

Chris Clark
Quality Manager

Brian Cooper
Director Global Supply Chain

James Curl
Product Manager

Joe Schoeller
Information Systems Manager

Sales Team

Dave Bertrand
Regional Sales Manager – West

Tim Henry
Regional Sales Manager – Central

Tim Franke
Regional Sales Manager – East

Nancy Blanchard
Global Consultant Liason

Mike Hartmann
ALD Sales Manager


Bob Cushman
Application Support Engineer

Daryl Dankert
International Technical Training and Support Manager

Matthew Callender
Network Solutions Specialist