FM Products

Why FM?

FM Audio Solutions​

Seamless sound transmission and crystal-clear audio over pre-set radio frequencies. 

Why FM

Wireless, radio-frequency systems are ideal for large group listening scenarios to help individuals overcome background noise, reverberation and distance from the sound source. This easy plug and play option allows users to connect to a channel using one of Williams AV’s reliable receivers to hear audio up to 1000ft (300m) away from the source. Our receivers are neckloop/telecoil-equipped hearing aid compatible making it easier for everyone to hear at large group events.


Find the Right Product for Your Country

Different countries have varying regulations concerning Assistive Listening broadcast frequencies.  Certain areas outside the Americas and Europe may use our products while others may not, please review your country’s regulations or contact Williams AV to see what frequency ranges are allowed.

Works Like a Small Radio Station

An FM listening system operates just like a small radio station. An FM transmitter, directly connected to the sound system used in a facility broadcasts radio signals on pre-set frequencies (frequencies that the FCC has determined and restricted for use by assistive listening and language interpretation systems). These signals are received by individual “radios” – FM body-pack receivers tuned to the specific frequency in use.