Assistive Listening Solutions

Overview of Assistive Listening Solutions

Bridge the gap to accessibility with assistive listening solutions. Our technologies empower connections and ensure equal access to communication and information. These assistive listening solutions can be tailored to the specific audio needs of your venue and help overcome audio challenges such as background noise, echo, and distance from the sound source.

Experience seamless sound transmission with FM assistive listening devices that provide clear and direct audio over pre-set radio frequencies. 

Utilize infrared light to carry line-of-sight audio in environments needing a secure assistive listening solution. 

Deliver unparalleled audio accessibility to users with hearing aids and cochlear implants with a  hearing loop system. 

Embrace the flexibility of Wi-Fi audio streaming for assistive listening enabling users to listen on their personal devices or a Williams AV Wi-Fi receiver.

Discover secure, one or two-way, digital communication that provides a secure audio transmission for assistive listening, intercom, or guided tour applications. 

We are actively developing commercial Auracast solutions to deliver a robust, feature-rich solution.