Digital Products

Why Digital?

Have you ever been on a tour where you couldn’t hear the tour guide? Or walked through a loud warehouse and wondered how they hold a single conversation? These are just two instances where a digital listening device can be useful.

Williams AV’s Digi-Wave 400 series allows for two-way communication between a main speaker or host and whomever they are talking to. The Digi-Wave 400 series also offers 128 + 87-bit encryption and a 4-digit PIN code, which makes the system an attractive solution also for assistive listening and interpretation applications where a high degree of security is needed.

Digi-Wave’s unique interpretation mode allows for an interpreter to listen to one channel and send their interpreted language on a separate channel using one portable device.  The hearing assist mode features high-frequency boost and the ability for several talkers (for example in a classroom setting) to be heard.  The Digi-Wave Connect audio break-out box facilitates integration into professional audio installations.    

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During Covid-19 the Digi-Wave served as a solution for courtrooms and in person trainings. Court rooms were able to get back to work without sacrificing security or social distancing. The need for efficient and secure communication continues to be present and Williams AV is introducing a Court Mode to make set-up easy and switching between groups safe and seamless. 

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Judge holding Digi-Wave Headset