Why Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Audio Solutions​

Embrace the flexibility of Wi-Fi audio with WaveCAST –  seamlessly stream live audio over Wi-Fi to personal devices or WAV Pro Wi-Fi Receivers.

Why Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi assistive listening is designed for both small and large group listening scenarios. It allows you to stream audio seamlessly to your own personal iOS or Android device or stream audio to a Williams AV dedicated receiver using Wi-Fi. 

Williams AV’s WaveCAST offers a DSP-based system architecture with an intuitive user interface and easy setup. We have a variety of WaveCAST transmitters and receivers that are designed for pro-audio applications where high-quality sound is required for streaming audio in real time to smartphones and/or tablets. 

WAV Pro Wi-Fi Receiver

The ONLY wireless Wi-Fi device on the market that is new and purposed solely for assistive listening.

WaveCAST App

The WaveCAST app provides an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface and is available in iOS or Android. Listeners can easily select channel and volume level once their personal device is connected to the Wi-Fi network.

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Real-Time Wi-Fi Audio for Assistive Communication

This downloadable guide is designed to provide AV professionals with the information they need when considering adding real-time audio over Wi-Fi. Included in the guide, you will find:

•  List of Global Assistive Listening Compliance Codes

•  Wi-Fi Site Survey Checklist

•  Environmental Design Considerations

•  Network Requirement Checklist

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