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Create an Engaging, Inclusive Classroom

Explore the interactive image to see how assistive communication technology helps facilitate engagement and understanding in classrooms and lecture halls.


Provide assistive listening technologies that allow students to clearly hear the lesson or lecture and participate in discussions. 


Reach every student and boost comprehension with assistive communication solutions.

Adhere to
ADA Compliance

Meet ADA compliant regulations for assistive listening.

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Education Solutions for Assistive Listening

This downloadable resource is designed to provide AV professionals with the information they need to provide assistive listening technology in classrooms and lecture halls. Facilitate engagement and understanding with Williams AV solutions.

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Assistive Listening

FM Solutions

The Personal FM Listening System PFM PRO delivers superior audio directly to the ear, enhancing sounds in schools where background noise or distance from the source makes listening difficult. Rechargeable option (PFM Pro RCH) available. 

Education Applications: Assistive listening for ADA/Disability Compliance 



The Digi-Wave® system provides a portable solution to interpretation for students or parents for use in classrooms, parent-teacher conferences, and school assemblies. The system’s specialized “frequency hopping” encrypted signal prevents unauthorized listeners from hearing conversations. 

Education Applications: Intercom, Language interpretation, Hearing Assistance

Assistive Listening

Infrared Solutions

This wireless system utilizes infrared light to carry audio to individuals within a classroom needing hearing assistance or language interpretation through a handheld receiver turned to a specific channel. Perfect for assistive listening in windowless classrooms and theaters.

Education Applications: Assistive listening for ADA/Disability Compliance and Language interpretation

Assistive Listening

Hearing Loop Amplifier

Digi-Loop 107 Hearing Loop Transmitter

A hearing loop is an assistive listening system that takes a sound source and transfers it directly to users with T-coil-enabled devices such as hearing aids without background noise, interference or acoustic distortion. The sound is transferred to the listener through a cable that runs around the perimeter of a classroom.

Education Application: Assistive Listening