Intercom & Tour Guides

Whether you’re overseeing television production, directing a theater production, facilitating courtroom remote bench conferencing, or leading a tour group, dependable equipment for clear communication among the crew or participants is essential. Uncover the power, versatility, and reliability of Digi-Wave’s wireless intercom and tour guide solutions. The advanced encryption technology ensures that your communication is interference-free and secure. With both one-way and two-way intercom options, these adaptable systems ensure seamless connectivity, guaranteeing that all relevant parties stay connected when it matters most.

  • Digi-Wave Transceivers and Receivers

    Digi-Wave Transceivers and Receivers (5)

    Intercom & Tour Guides

    Experience the power of seamless wireless intercom, interpretation, and tour communications with Digi-Wave. Customizable to accommodate various settings and application needs, Digi-Wave transceivers and receivers allow users to adjust settings to precisely match their space and application needs. With advanced encryption technology, these wireless intercom systems ensure that your communication is interference-free and secure.

  • Tour Guide and Intercom Systems

    Tour Guide and Intercom Systems (15)

    Intercom & Tour Guides

    Discover our extensive range of portable tour guide and wireless intercom systems, providing versatile one-way or two-way intercom solutions for various group communication needs, such as guided tours, TV or broadcast production, sports coaching, and assistive listening.