Tech Blue: Design and Support Services

TechBlue is your source for design services and technical expertise from Williams AV. We’ve combined impressive talent with effective tools to keep you on the cutting edge of assistive listening and wireless communication technology.


We are pleased to work with the latest modeling and simulation software. We will help you explore options and explore what works and doesn’t work – before the virtual venue becomes a jobsite.

Our Services Include:

The Williams AV TechBlue team provides initial implementation design and coverage modeling as a complimentary service in anticipation of a Williams hardware purchase.  Please provide clear and complete requirements and plans with your initial design request. Subsequent designs and/or revisions are billable at $149/hour. Please communicate your needs for additional designs or revisions with your Williams AV representative who can provide a quotation for additional design services. A purchase order/credit card payment will be required prior to TechBlue starting services. 

E-mail [email protected] with any questions or requests for design support.

Hearing Loop Design Request Form