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Tech Blue is your source for technical expertise and loop design services from Williams AV. Our team of skilled technical professionals and advanced tools provide comprehensive technical support to assist your AV installation and implementation.

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Discover unparalleled support with Williams AV Tech Blue Support Team. Our dedicated experts are committed to delivering top-notch technical assistance, specializing in the latest AV technologies and hearing loop designs. From troubleshooting to guidance, our goal is to assist you in exploring various AV options and identifying what suits your space best, ensuring a thorough understanding before the virtual venue transitions to a physical job site.

Our Services Include:

The Williams AV Tech Blue team provides hearing loop initial design and coverage modeling as a complimentary service in anticipation of a Williams AV induction loop purchase. Please provide clear and complete requirements and plans with your initial design request. Subsequent designs and/or revisions are billable at $155/hour.

E-mail [email protected] with any questions or requests for design support.