Hearing Loop Design Request

Hearing Loop Design Request

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Ready for a loop design? At Williams AV, we offer a complimentary service for initial implementation design and coverage modeling when you're considering a Williams AV loop product purchase. To request your loop design, please follow the steps below. While we reserve the right to determine the delivery date, our commitment is to work diligently to meet your requirements. Typically, designs are completed within five to ten business days.

Please follow the steps below to submit your design request:

1. Gather project details from customers by using Williams AV's Design Readiness PDF questionnaire. This form is essential for ensuring that you have all the required information to complete your Williams AV loop request submission.

2. Submit the online System Design Request Form. Please provide clear and complete requirements and plans with your initial design request. Required fields are highlighted and must be filled out completely and with accurate information.

3. Submit blueprints, floorplans, or sketches with dimensions for the spaces needing a loop design sketch. After submitting the form, you will receive an e-mail with a link to upload scaled blueprints, floorplans or sketches. Accepted files: scaled PDFs or AutoCAD files (.dwg/.dxf). Ensure scans of architectural plans are clear and horizontally level. Hand-drawn sketches are acceptable if accurately drawn and dimensioned; avoid cell phone pictures.

Contact Information

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Does your project require hearing assistance according to current ADA/IBC Requirements?
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Use the ADA/IBC Calculator on the Hearing Compliance page to calculate the number of receivers required.

Project Information

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Designs are typically completed within 5-7 business days, but the turnaround time may vary depending on the volume of requests.

Loop Requirements Information

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Will there be adjacent rooms with other loop systems?*
Has an EMI Noise test been performed?
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Special Instructions, requests and any additional information about your project:

Upon receiving your form and blueprints, we’ll assign a unique case number and place your request in our queue, considering your deadline and existing requests.

*Revisions:  Any further designs or changes are chargeable at $155/hour. To request additional designs or revisions, contact your Williams AV representative for a quote. A purchase order or credit card payment is necessary prior to TechBlue starting services.

Confidentiality: We maintain the confidentiality of project-related information unless requested otherwise in written or email form by the project contact. Williams AV reserves the right to duplicate any design work for a particular project when requests are made for the same project from multiple vendors.