Loop Advanced Classes

Loop Advanced Classes

Loop Advanced Classes are offered in person throughout the US and Canada several times a year. Please view our events calendar to find the closest class to you.

Who is recommended to come to this class?

This class is intended for AV Integration Companies and Consultants who have interest in the upsurge of induction loops systems (ILS) in the U.S. This “who” includes: Design Engineers, Project Managers, Installation Technicians and Sales Staff. You should have some level of experience and understanding in audio design and installation, along with integration with other trades.

What is being presented in this class?

We will cover understanding hearing loss and its challenges in today’s society. What is an (ILS)? How the telecoil in hearing aids and cochlear implants work with an ILS, magnetic fields and how they work, electro-magnetic interference (EMI), metal loss and other factors that affect your loop performance. We review coordination with other trades and things to avoid along with potential interference. Project bidding and considerations, site survey, various loop designs, amplifier and wire selection, installation best practices, layouts and commissioning loop systems to meet the IEC 60118-4 performance standards. We discuss the network capability of the DIGI-LOOP Amplifiers with the PC-based APP for wireless WiFi system commissioning and remote access. We will also look at the Pros and Cons of ILS, FM and IR systems.

We will look at using the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of our DIGI-LOOP products to access the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for setting up the gain stage of the input(s), equalization on inputs and outputs (to include advanced metal compensation), compression, AGC, and our DANTE digital input option. We also will show how our systems can interface with a Crestron control module. We will have hands-on sessions with loops and field strength meters, and a final test.

What do I get out the class?

  1. Upon completion of the class, hands-on session and passing the final examination you will receive a Williams Sound DIGI-LOOP Advanced Certificate.
  2. Williams Sound will put you on our DIGI-LOOP preferred dealer list and we will provide loop project leads directly to your company.
  3. We will also give your information to Loop America for them to add you to their national website database.
  4. Your name/company will be eligible for direct leads to loop projects in your area.
  5. Lastly, if you hold a CTS, CTS-I or, CTS-D through InfoComm, you will be eligible for 8 RU’s of credit through InfoComm.

What does the class cost?

The class costs $239.00. Certain classes may be discounted based on the host or location.