IR Products

Why IR?

Infrared (IR) assistive listening systems are ideal for large group listening scenarios to help individuals overcome background noise. Our infrared emitters ensure direct, clear delivery of your message. Infrared technology is especially useful in secure environments since the audio signal is maintained within the room.

The IR+ dual technology provides both Infrared and audio over Wi-Fi. By connecting the IR M1 to a Wi-Fi multicast router or in-house network you can stream audio over Wi-Fi to the Williams AV WaveCAST app (available in the iOS app store or Google Play store).

IR+ features a distributed infrared emitter array architecture allowing up to four emitters either stacked together for large room arrays or distributed throughout the room to accommodate wings in room design, balconies or other obscured venue locations.

The rack mounted or remotely located IR M1 Control Center comes standard with support for up to four IR emitters. Each emitter runs back to the modulator via a CAT5e cable, providing the audio and power needed to support the remote emitter. Each emitter has a coverage area of 18,000 sq. ft. (1670 m2).

IR M1, IR E4, and WAP