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Why Choose a Hearing Loop System?

A hearing loop, also known as an audio induction loop or T-coil system, is an assistive listening system that transfers audio signals directly to hearing aids and cochlear implants equipped with a telecoil (T-coil).  Hearing loops provide clear, amplified sound directly to the individual’s hearing aid, bypassing background noise, interference or acoustic distortion.  Loops are ideal for hearing aid users. Click here to learn more.

Hearing loops have become increasingly popular in public spaces due to their universal compatibility with T-coil-equipped hearing devices such as hearing aids. They eliminate the need for additional listening devices or headsets, promoting inclusivity and making the listening experience seamless and discreet for those with hearing loss.

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How a Hearing Loop System Works

In simple terms, an induction loop system consists of copper wire placed in the appropriate pattern in a listening area and a loop amplifier connected to an audio source. Audio signals are amplified and circulated through the loop wire. The resulting magnetic energy field is detected and amplified by the “telecoil” common to many hearing aids, cochlear implants, and induction loop receivers. The result is high-quality amplified reproduction of the original audio.