Assistive Communication Solutions


Assistive Communication Solutions


Reach the Entire Courtroom

Explore the interactive image to see how assistive communication technology helps facilitate engagement and understanding in government proceedings.


Maintain proprietary and confidential information with secure audio transmission


Facilitate an inclusive assistive listening environment

ADA Compliant

Meet ADA compliant regulations for assistive listening

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Courtroom Solutions for Assistive Listening

This downloadable resource is designed to provide AV professionals with the information they need to provide assistive listening technology in courtroom proceedings. Facilitate engagement and understanding while maintaining proprietary and confidential information with Williams AV solutions.

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Assistive Listening

Secure, Infrared Solutions

This wireless system utilizes infrared light to carry audio to individuals within a courtroom needing hearing assistance or language interpretation through a handheld receiver turned to a specific channel. Perfect for maintaining proprietary and confidential information to a single courtroom.

Courtroom Applications: Assistive listening for ADA/Disability Compliance and Language interpretation

Assistive Listening

Hearing Loop Amplifier

A hearing loop is an assistive listening system in a courtroom that takes a sound source and transfers it directly to a hearing aid without background noise, interference or acoustic distortion. The sound is transferred to the listener through a cable that runs around the perimeter of the courtroom.

Courtroom Application: Assistive Listening


Interpreter Control Console​

When there are participants in court proceedings who speak only or primarily another language other than English courtrooms require an interpreter. The IC-2 is an audio control center for simultaneous interpretation of one or more languages that allows interpreters to communicate with those who need interpretation with no interference of court proceedings. This is used in conjunction with Digi-Wave transmitters and receivers.

Courtroom Application: Interpretation


Annotation Pro Plus

Annotation Pro Plus is the industry’s first true 4K video annotation system. Annotating the evidence on screen whether it is a still image or a video effectively communicates the facts in any given courtroom proceedings. Annotation Pro Plus also allows annotations to be saved for later evidence review. 

Courtroom Applications: Annotating video or photography evidence

Intercom & Assistive Listening


The Digi-Wave® communication system provides portability, privacy and top audio quality. Ideal for sidebar discussions and attorney-client  discussions. The system’s specialized “frequency hopping” encrypted signal prevents unauthorized listeners from hearing conversations. 

Courtroom Applications: Intercom, Language interpretation, Hearing Assistance