Basic Communication Kit

Basic Comm Kit


The tools in this kit are designed to help strengthen communication and minimize frustration associated with ongoing caregiver-to-resident and resident-to-resident interaction — from dining to occupational therapy to small-group activities such as card playing. Ideal for one-on-one conversations during assessment interviews with vulnerable elders. This kit features the Pocketalker® Ultra personal amplifier, which amplifies sounds closest to the listener while reducing background noise. This communication tool is lightweight, portable, and easy to use. And it can be used with or without hearing aids.

System Includes

(1) PKT D1 Pocketalker personal amplifier
(1) EAR 013 single mini earbud
(1) HED 021 folding headphone
(1) CCS 043 system carry case
(100) EAR 045-100 sanitary headphone covers

*All items can be purchased separately.



  • Lightweight, portable and easy to use
  • Provides superior amplification
  • Finger-tip adjustable volume control
  • Accommodates a variety of earphone / headphone options.

EAR 013

Plug 3.5 mm mono
Cord length 39 inches
Impedance 32 Ohms
Frequency Range 20 - 20kHz
Max input power 5mV
Sensitivity 128dB @ 1kHz
Driver size 13 mm
Weight 9g
Replacement earpad EAR 015

HED 021

Style Mono, folding headphone
Plug 3.5mm mono
Cord 39"
Driver Size 30 mm
Nominal Impedance 32Ω
Freq. Response 20 - 20kHz
Weight 52g
Max Power Input 100 mW
Sensitivity 110 dB @ 1kHz
Replacement Pads HED 023 (one pair)

PKT D1-0 architectural and engineering specifications

  • The Williams Sound Pocketalker Ultra (model PKT D1) shall be housed in an ABS plastic, impact-resistant, silver case with a removable battery door. The dimensions shall be 90mm X 55mm X 20mm.
  • The Pocketalker Ultra shall operate on 2x AAA batteries and operate for up to 200 hours continually with disposable alkaline batteries.
  • The Pocketalker Ultra shall have a maximum 130dB output with EAR 013 earphone and have a non-adjustable AGC (Limiter) and external rotary adjust tone control. The Pocketalker Ultra shall have a combination ON/OFF rotary volume control and a red power LED that will flash to signal when the battery level is low. The Pocketalker Ultra shall have 3.5mm mono microphone and earphone jacks.
  • The Pocketalker Ultra shall have a removable belt clip for hands-free operation and a lanyard connection at the bottom of the case. The Pocketalker Ultra shall have CE approval and be compliant with RoHS and WEEE regulations.
  • The Pocketalker Ultra shall have a five-year warranty excluding earphones, headphones, batteries, chargers, belt clip and other accessories.
  • The Pocketalker Ultra shall be the Williams Sound model PKT D1.

PKT D1-0

Dimensions: 3.38"L x 2.23"W x .88" THK. (85.8mm x 56.6mm x 22.3 mm) (Not including belt clip or microphone assembly)
Weight: 2.5 oz. (70.9 grams) (with batteries and microphone)
Color/material: Silver gray, ABS/Polycarbonate molded plastic case.
Battery Type: Two 1.5V (AAA size) alkaline
Battery Life: Up to 200 hours (typical usage)
Low Battery Indicator: Red light on top panel flashes.
Microphone: Omnidirectional, electret microphone assembled in housing with foam wind screen and 3.5mm mono plug.
Tone Control: External rotary control knob to allow user to optimize hearing.
Volume Control: External rotary control knob with power ON-OFF switch.
Microphone Jack: 3.5 mm, mono, gold plated mini plug.
Headphone Jack: 3.5 mm, mono, nickel plated mini plug.
Accessories included: Belt clip: Allows the user to wear the unit on a belt. Lanyard: Allows the user to wear around the neck. TV listening extension cord: extends the microphone to 12 ft.
Options: Unit comes packaged with one of the Williams Sound options: Mini earphone, single (EAR 013) Dual mini earbud (EAR 014) Wide range earphone; single (EAR 008) Lightweight headphone (HED 021) Wide range headphone (HED 026) Induction neck loop (NKL 001)
Approvals: CE, RoHS, WEEE
Warranty: 5 years, parts and labor (90 days on accessories)
Electrical Specifications (1k Hz ref.): Power output: 50 mW (max) into 16 ohms AGC: Limits maximum output level
Distortion: 2% THD (max)
Frequency Response: Tone at high position: 11dB boost at 5kHz, 8dB cut at 400 Hz. Tone at mid position: 0dB boost at 5kHz, 4dB cut at 400Hz. Tone at low position: 3dB cut at 5kHz, 4dB boost at 400 Hz.

Acoustic Specifications: Typical values (ANSI S3.22-1987)

Lightweight headphone, HED 021: (with 6cc coupler)
Test Tone High Tone Mid Tone Low
SSPL90 124.3 dB 124.8 dB 124.8 dB
HF Ave (SSPL90) 120.7 dB 120.6 dB 120.5 dB
HF Ave full on gain (50 dB) 46.9 dB 44.9 dB 41.0 dB
Ref test gain 43.7 dB 43.6 dB 41.5 dB
Wide range headphone, HED 026: (with 6cc coupler)
Test Tone High Tone Mid Tone Low
SSPL90 121.4 dB 125.3 dB 124.8 dB
HF Ave (SSPL90) 119.5 dB 120.7 dB 120.9 dB
HF Ave full on gain (50 dB) 45.6 dB 44.8 dB 41.2 dB
Ref test gain 42.5 dB 43.7 dB 41.7 dB
Mini earphone single, EAR 013: (with 2cc coupler)
Test Tone High Tone Mid Tone Low
SSPL90 123.8 dB 124.0 dB 123.2 dB
HF Ave (SSPL90) 118.7 dB 118.6 dB 118.6 dB
HF Ave full on gain (50 dB) 44.7 dB 44.2 dB 38.9 dB
Ref test gain 41.7 dB 41.6 dB 39.2 dB


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