Charger (12-Bay)

CHG 412

12-bay drop-in charger for Digi-Wave DLT 400 transceiver and DLR 400 RCH receiver


CHG 412

Dimensions: 9″L x 7″W x 1.5″H (23 cm L x 17.8 cm W x 3.8 cm H)
Weight: 1.8 lbs (845 g)
Enclosure: Black, ABS plastic with metal base
Power Supply Input: TFP 066, 90-240 VAC input, 1.5 A max *
Power Supply: Universal DC adapter, 5 VDC – 6A output, center positive
Output Rating: 5 VDC, 0.5 A per bay (12 charging bays)
Charging Time: ~5 hours
Unit Capacity: 12 Units
Compatible Units: Transceiver: DLT 400
Receiver: DLR 400 RCH
Indicators: Charge status indicators on DLT or DLR
Approvals: CE, FCC, WEEE, RoHS, CB
Warranty: 2-year (cables and power supply warranty for 90 days)

* Eight separate CHG 412s (each powered by their own TFP 066 power supply) can be connected to a 15-amp circuit.


2 Years

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