ADA Wall Plaque

IDP 008

Let your customers know that an ADA-compliant hearing assistance system is available to them with a Hearing Assistance Available sign.

Type of Hearing Assistance Available

Elevate visitor awareness of your hearing assistance offerings through the ADA Wall Plaque. Designed for your convenience, the included adhesive and stand offer versatile mounting choices. You can effortlessly hang it on a wall or window using the provided adhesive or use the provided stand to display it on a service counter or desk, ensuring clear communication of your ADA-compliant hearing assistance options available.

Sign dimensions are 10-3/8″ (L) x 6-¼” (W) x 1/8″ (H).

IDP 008

10-3/8″ (L) x 6-¼” (W) x 1/8″ (H)



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