Williams Sound CD mailer

Williams Sound unveils new-look 2012 product catalog

Eden Prairie, MN — Williams Sound is pleased to introduce its all-new, all-inclusive 2012 Product Catalog/Price List. The company’s complete, commercial product offering is presented in a refreshing and convenient catalog format. Electronic versions of the catalog are available in PDF (shareable and print-ready) and Excel, for easy download. The 2012 Williams Sound Catalog/Price List CD features an array of useful tools, including an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guideline chart, comprehensive product specifications, market guides and instructional product videos.

Take a look at our new offerings, and you’ll quickly see: The beauty of this book is more than just skin deep.

  • The WIR TX75 mid-range infrared transmitter and WIR TX75-S slave emitter offer stylish design and unparalleled coverage. Add the slave to the WIR TX75 for additional coverage of up to 2,000 square feet.
  • Two, new, mid-range infrared systems from Williams Sound offer an array of communication possibilities. The WIR SYS 7518 system features the WIR TX75 infrared transmitter and comfortable, under-the-chin-style WIR RX18 receivers — ideal for single- or two-channel applications. The WIR SYS 7522 system features the WIR TX75 and WIR RX22-4 receivers – also ideal for single- or two-channel applications. The WIR SYS 7522 also meets new 2010 ADA accessibility guidelines.
  • For hands-free, push-to-talk communication for any size production crew, take a closer look at the DWS COM 6 PRO Digi-Wave™ wireless intercom system. The included dual-muff headset microphones are ideal for use in high-noise environments.
  • The FM ADA KIT 1 ADA compliance kit provides large-area accessibility at a value price. This transmitter broadcasts a speaker’s voice, music program, or audio service wirelessly up to 1000 feet to a listening audience. Meets new 2010 ADA accessibility guidelines.
  • All Williams Sound Personal PA® (PPA) FM systems now meet new 2010 ADA accessibility guidelines. (Each system now includes two NKL 001 neckloops.)

Williams Sound is a global designer and manufacturer of wireless listening technology, serving personal and professional listening needs worldwide for more than 35 years. Williams Sound products for such commercial markets as hearing assistance, language interpretation, tour, corporate, education, government and house of worship include the Digi-Wave™ Digital Communication Systems, Personal PA® FM Listening Systems, Portable Hearing Assistance Tour Guide Systems, SoundPlus® Infrared Systems and Hearing Helper® FM Listening Systems.