In-Person Advanced Hearing Loop Training

Course Description

This full-day advanced “hearing” loop training course is sponsored by Williams AV and Ampetronic, the industry-leading providers of hearing loop assistive listening systems. This course is designed to take you through the principles of assistive listening and why these systems are required for many public spaces. Following an overview of ADA-approved technologies for assistive listening, participants will take a deep dive into induction loop theory of operation, installation, commissioning, and troubleshooting best practices. Course participants will gain hands-on experience in designing and commissioning a hearing loop in the training facility with the guidance of the instructor. Real-world examples are provided throughout the course in addition to pro tips for ensuring compliance with IEC 60118-4 performance standards.

Target Audience

  1. AV System Designers
  2. Hearing Loop Installers / Project Managers
  3. Pro AV Consultants

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a thorough understanding for why Assistive Listening Systems (ALS) are necessary and ADA requirements for public spaces.
  • Understand various types of hearing loop solutions and when to use each type
  • Learn how to install and commission a hearing loop system to meet IEC industry performance standards

CTS RU Award Eligibility

At the conclusion of the course, participants will have the opportunity to take a multiple choice exam covering the key principles introduced during the session.  Participants with a passing score of 80% or greater will receive an official certificate from Williams AV that can be submitted to AVIXA for 8 CTS renewal units (RUs).  Course certificates will be delivered to participants via email within 10 days.

Content Covered at the Training

1. Introduction to Assistive Listening

  • • The Purpose of Assistive Listening
  • • ADA Legal Requirements
  • • Applications for Assistive Listening
  • • Assistive Listening Technology Comparison
  • • Audio Inputs
  • • Understanding Hearing Loops

2. Hearing Loop Solutions

  • • Floor Level Perimeter Loop
  • • Large Perimeter Loop at Height
  • • Loss Control Single Array
  • • What is Metal Loss?
  • • Loss Control MultiLoop
  • • What does a Phase Shift Do?
  • • Two Turn Perimeter Loop
  • • Cancellation Loop
  • • What is Overspill?
  • • Low Spill MultiLoops
  • • Vertical Spill Control
  • • Ceiling Installation
  • • Non-Overlap MultiLoops
  • • Counter Loops
  • • Portable Loops
  • • Complex Designs

3. Performance Standards (IEC TR 60379 & IEC 60118-4)

4. Amplifier Types, Common Features & Connections

5. Test Equipment

6. Commissioning a Hearing Loop – Participant Hands-On

  • • Install and Commission Perimeter Loop
  • • Install and Commission Counter Loop
  • • Install and Commission Low Spill MultiLoop
  • • Interpreting Designs
  • • Metal Loss Testing
  • • Install Tips and Common Faults
  • • Cable Types, Feed Cables and Signal Cables