Bluetooth® Auracast™ Standard

Evolving Markets Fueled by the Auracast Broadcast Standard

Announced by the Bluetooth SIG in June 2022, Auracast™ is an emerging broadcast standard powered by Bluetooth® LE (low energy). Technology enabled with Bluetooth® Auracast can transmit to unlimited receivers, including speakers, earbuds, and hearing devices within the Bluetooth® broadcast range. 
Following the introduction of the Auracast standard, manufacturers began efforts to apply this approach to new products. However, the journey to market adoption for new standards involves time and patience.

Only a few consumer-grade Auracast devices have entered the market, but we expect interest to steadily rise throughout 2024 and into 2025, with consumer products being readily available by mid-late 2025. Pro AV technologies utilizing Auracast will likely follow, but significant demand in the commercial market isn’t projected until late 2025 as consumers embrace technology with the Auracast standard.

Unleashing the Power of Auracast

As a long-time Bluetooth SIG contributor, Williams AV prioritizes innovative technology for the dynamic Pro AV market. We are actively developing commercial Auracast solutions and are investing in gathering customer feedback to deliver a robust, feature-rich solution.

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