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Little Leo the goat is blind and deaf

Little Leo is Blind and Deaf

“I purchased a [Pocketalker 2.0] for a blind and deaf baby goat…. If only Williams Sound (the manufacturer) could see how we were using their listening device! Bet they would

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A new life for Jamtsho

A New Life for Jamtsho

Jamtsho is a blind student in Bhutan, who is also hard of hearing. He has been provided with a Pocketalker 2.0 for personal use and a PFM Pro system for

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Sounds ad Sorcery in London Vaults

Sounds and Sorcery in London’s Vaults

“…Sounds and Sorcery is an ambitious immersive audiovisual experience inspired by Disney’s Fantasia. With 3D projections, elaborate set designs and spectacular lighting set to a specially recorded score from the

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