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Hearing Loss Simulator

What does hearing loss sound like?

Visitors to the Williams AV and Ampetronic stand can discover what people with hearing loss experience by using Starkey’s simulator. Starkey, a global hearing technology company and Williams AV collaborator, created the simulator to recreate what mild to severe hearing loss sounds like in a variety of situations, while visually seeing the missing speech sounds people with hearing loss experience.

Products Showcased at ISE 2023

WAV Pro Wi-Fi Receiver

Wi-Fi Audio Receiver

Discover exceptional audio quality with the easy-to-use, dedicated assistive listening receiver.  This dedicated assistive listening receiver delivers the assistive listening industry’s largest display at 6.8” full HD+ display, along with Bluetooth® compatibility and up to 40 hours of continuous audio streaming under normal use conditions. 


Wi-Fi Audio Transmitter

WaveCAST C is a real-time audio over Wi-Fi transmitter designed for pro-audio applications where high-quality sound is required. It integrates with third-party room controls allowing AV professionals to control and monitor the unit using Telnet commands via Ethernet.


Multi-Channel Wi-Fi Audio Transmitter

WaveCAST™ EIGHT is a multi-channel real-time audio over Wi-Fi assistive listening platform designed for larger assistive listening applications or for streaming audio in a bar, gym, or other devices where multiple sources of audio exist.


Annotation Pro Plus

Annotation Pro Plus is the industry’s first true 4K video annotation system. Annotating the evidence on screen whether it is a still image or a video effectively communicates the facts in any given courtroom proceedings. Annotation Pro Plus also allows annotations to be saved for later evidence review. 

Courtroom Applications: Annotating video or photography evidence


Digital Intercom

The Digi-Wave® system is a digital spread-spectrum (DSS), simultaneous two-way wireless listening system. Using its frequency-hopping algorithm, it avoids interference and is a very secure method of communication. The Digi-Wave communication system allows users to listen and talk to one another wirelessly in a variety of scenarios.

SoundPlus® IR

Infrared Audio Transmitter

Wireless system utilizes infrared light to carry audio to individuals needing hearing assistance or language interpretation. Systems available for small, medium, or large spaces and ensure direct, clear delivery of your message while containing audio to a single room. 

Press Release

Williams AV Announces New Products Showcased at ISE 2023