NEW: Williams AV Launches IR Plus Assisted Listening System with Integrated Wi-Fi

(Eden Prairie, Minn. Jan. 29, 2020)

Williams AV launches the first-ever IR-assisted listening system with integrated Wi-Fi.

“Next month at ISE, you’ll see the debut of our new distributed IR-assisted listening system that also incorporates Wi-Fi,” says CEO and President of Williams AV, Rob Sheeley. “Designers no longer have to choose between IR or Wi-Fi when designing a room system – they can now offer both capabilities into their room design. Very cool and at no additional cost. Why wouldn’t you want it?”

The IR Plus features a distributed IR emitter array architecture, allowing up to four emitters either stacked together for large room arrays or distributed throughout the room to accommodate wings in room design, balconies or other obscured venue locations.

The rack mounted or remotely located IR modulator comes standard with support for up to four IR emitters. Each emitter runs back to the modulator via a Cat-6 cable, providing the audio and power needed to support the remote emitter. Very large room applications can be supported by adding up to four IR modulators to support a total of 16 IR modulators.

The IR Plus system can be controlled and monitored remotely via an internal webpage, allowing for easy and flexible setup and control. The integrated Ethernet provides easy connection to the building network or a dedicated system-only network.

The IR Plus system also features a WaveCAST network output for streaming audio via Wi-Fi when combined with a wireless access point. The WaveCAST Wi-Fi Assistive Listening Output features an iOS or Android app for supporting mobile devices. The WaveCAST Wi-Fi system can also be used with the Williams Sound WF R1 Wi-Fi receiver for those who don’t want to use mobile devices or for those looking for ADA compliance from a wireless system.

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