Charger for T2863, R2863, 35-unit, Briefcase

CHG 863-35

35-unit Briefcase-style charger will charge any combination of up to 35 T2863 transmitters or R2863 receivers. Universal power supply with Euro line cord. 5.28 kg.

System Includes

(1) 35-Bay Briefcase charger
(1) Line Cord for Europe (WLC 005)


– Charger with 35 charging bays

– Universal power supply

– Power Switch glows, indicating AC power

– RoHS compliant

– 2 year Warranty

CHG 863-35

Dimensions: 56.2cm L x 38.1cm W x 12.9cm H (22-1/8″L x 15″W x 5-1/16″H))
Shipping Weight: 5.28 kg (11.65 lbs)
Enclosure: Aluminum, Silver Color
Power: 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz
Fuse: F5AL250V or equivalent
Capacity: Up to 35 units can charge simultaneously
Charging Time: Up to 5 hours per unit
Indicators: Charger: Power Switch glows indicating incoming AC power

T2863 or R2863: Charging light on top of unit flashes once per second (slow) = charging; flashes fast = incorrect battery type; on steady = charged

Warranty: 2 years
Approvals: RoHS



2 Years

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