Power Loop Mat

PLM 001

This loop pad can be utilized under a seat cushion, under a table or counter for service desk applications.

14” Nylon Fabric Mat, containing a ten-turn loop. Can be installed under any non-metal counter, and when used with the DL 102, produces about a 36” x 36” magnetic field for t-coil equipped hearing aid users.

Applications include: Kiosks, Pharmacies, Bank Teller Windows, Ticket Windows, or any application where close-range hearing assistance (via hearing aid t-coil) is desired. Can also be used as a portable system for meetings as a chair loop or other creative applications.


  • Ideal for counter top hearing assistance applications where hearing aid t-coil can be used
  • Can be used as a chair loop for meetings

PLM 001

Lead Wire Length 16 ft / 5 m
DC Resistance 1.3 Ohms
Weight 0.5 lbs / 225 g
Pad 14 in / 0.4 m square
Wire In Pad 10-turn loop


2 Years

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