Wall Mounted Induction Loop Driver

Designed for simple discreet installation, the CLS2 is the most capable driver in its class. The amplifier is very compact, yet the most powerful unit available designed specifically for wall mounting. All connections and controls are secured behind a tamper resistant, hinged, detachable cover. Combined with its small size, the range of mounting and cabling options ensure that installation is convenient and tidy in any environment. Input options are extensive, with four independent inputs for balanced microphone, balanced and unbalanced line, low impedance and 100V – line speaker systems, plus priority alarm, doorbell or telephone connections.

Williams AV is proud to offer Ampetronic Loop products in the United States and Canada. To purchase Ampetronic loop products in other countries, please visit https://www.ampetronic.com/

Input 1 Input 1 Balanced Mic, balanced or unbalanced line
Input impedance 10kΩ per side
Min level (MIC / Line -73dBu / -31dBu
Max level (MIC / Line) -37dBu / +5dBu
Phantom voltage MIC only +12V
Input 2 As Input 1 mic level
Balanced mic
Input impedance 10kΩ per side
Min level -73dBu
Max level -37dBu
Phantom voltage +12V
Input 3 Balanced or unbalanced line, expansion port
Input impedance 1MΩ per channel
Min level -33dBu
Max level +3dBu
Input 4 Isolated 100V line or low impedance mono or stereo speaker
Input impedance 100V Line / spkr 120kΩ / 7.8kΩ
Min level 100V Line / spkr +14dBu / -9dBu
Max level 100V Line / spkr [gt]+47dBu / [gt]+27dBu
Alert 1 When energised, turns down the other inputs and produces a 520Hz square wave tone on the loop. Min / max input voltage 5V- 24V ac/dc
Alert 2 A pair of contacts which when shorted turns down the other inputs and produce a pulsed 520Hz square wave tone on the loop.
AC power input supply 230V 30Ws 45-65Hz 120V option available (ETL Approved)
Connected via chassis mounted screw terminal block
Input fuse 230V version – T250mA / 120V version – T500mA
Drive voltage [gt]7.1Vrms – 10.0Vpk
Drive Current Continuous 1kHz sine wave [gt]4.9Arms 7.0Apk
Short term peaks [gt]7A RMS 10Apk
Minimum Loop Resistance 0.2Ω
Maximum Loop Impedance 1.3Ω
Freq. response Frequency Response 80Hz to 6.3kHz +/-3dB
Distortion THD+N [lt]0.5%1kHz sine at 2.33Arms
Automatic gain Control The AGC is optimised for speech. Dynamic range [gt]36dB
Metal loss correction (MLC) 0 to 3dB per octave frequency correction (1kHz remains constant). Control mounted on PCB.
Cooling Natural convection
Size W, H, D: 200mm, 200mm, 44mm
Weight 1.8 kg
Environment IP20, -10ºC to +40ºC
Mounting Wall mounting, secured by 4 screws


5 Years

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