PPA FM Receiver

Seek and you shall find: New PPA Select™ Receiver from Williams Sound

Eden Prairie, Minn. – June 7, 2011 – New, flexible and simple….The PPA Select FM (PPA R37) receiver features easy-to-use, seek-button channel selection with access to 17 pre-set wideband frequencies between 72-76 MHz. With the simple push of a button, each listener can acquire the local signal. Digitally synthesized for even greater audio clarity and stability, the PPA Select also offers channel-lock capability (to prevent accidental channel change) and a battery-saving Sleep Mode. A versatile 3.5mm stereo/mono jack allows for a variety of earphone and headphone options, and is neckloop/telecoil-equipped-hearing-aid compatible.

The PPA Select is now featured in the following Williams Sound Personal PA® FM listening systems, replacing the PPA R35 receiver: Personal PA® Large-Area Listening System, Personal PA® Value Pack System and the Personal PA® Tour Guide System.

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Williams Sound is a global designer and manufacturer of wireless listening technology located in Eden Prairie, Minn. We have been serving personal and professional listening needs worldwide for more than 35 years. Williams Sound products for such commercial markets as language interpretation, tour, education, government and house of worship include Digi-Wave™ Digital Communication Systems, Personal PA® FM Listening Systems, Portable Hearing Assistance Tour Guide Systems, SoundPlus® Infrared Systems and Hearing Helper® FM Listening Systems.