Digi-Wave 400 Series Wireless Intercom

NEW: Digi-Wave 400 Series Wireless Intercom/Tour Guide Systems

(Eden Prairie, Minn. Jan. 20, 2020) – Williams AV announces the launch of its next generation Digi-Wave Series of digital intercom and tour guide communication systems, the Digi-Wave 400 with the new OLED display. The Digi-Wave 400 Series expands on the success of the previous generation 300 Series by adding a new intuitive user-interface, upgraded charging dock with an easy in-and-out feature, and a simplified group-join pairing option. Also new with the Digi-Wave 400 system is the ability for 2-way wireless communication at distances of over 1000 feet.

“The new 400 system features a brand-new user interface that begs you to dive in, dig deep and explore all its capabilities,” says CEO and President of Williams AV, Rob Sheeley. “Great interfaces do that and this one is absolutely brilliant. We also upgraded the charging interface to the new USB-C standard charging dock.”

The Digi-Wave 400 Series is the ultimate lightweight, portable, two-way communication system designed to easily connect employees, clients and team members. Using its frequency-hopping algorithm, it avoids interference, while keeping a very secure method of communication. The standard Digi-Wave 400 System includes at least one receiver (DLT 400), and various combinations of transceivers and receivers depending on application. Typical applications include guided tours, language interpretation, intercom and hearing assistance.

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