IR T2 Infrared Transmitter POE KT1 Wiring Kit


Using Williams Sound’s passive POE injector
kits (POE KT1 and POE KT2) allows the installer of an IR T2 to provide POE power and one of the following three options:
• 1 channel of balanced line level audio
• 1 or 2 channels of unbalanced line level audio
• RS-232 control and monitoring signal

CAT5 cable contains four twisted pairs of wires, two of which are used for POE, and the remaining wires can be used for the additional features.

System Includes

This kit should be used for applications using the power supply included with the IR T2 (TFP 057). The kit includes:

(1) WCA 131
(1) WCA 133

How It Works

The IR T2 is shipped with Williams Sound’s TFP 057 (48VDC power supply). The IR T2 is also compatible with the Williams
Sound POE 001 Power over Ethernet transformer, and with most POE switches.

Note: The IR T2 is NOT compatible with POE+ power supplies.
Note: We cannot guarantee the audio quality of IR T2 units powered from a third-party POE switch, as they may introduce
noise into the system.


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