Rediscovering the World of Sound: Jenna’s Story

A cochlear implant candidate using the Pocketalker

“The Pocketalker helps me hear things I never thought I would hear again. My hearing loss is profound to severe, and I am a cochlear implant candidate. And yet, I hear incredibly well with the Pocketalker.”

Living with profound to severe hearing loss and being a cochlear implant candidate left Jenna feeling disconnected from sound. Conversations were challenging, and the joyous symphony of everyday life seemed out of reach. That all changed when she found the Pocketalker – a life-changing assistive listening device.

The Pocketalker’s unassuming size belies its incredible power. From the soft rustle of leaves to the melodious chirping of birds, this device captures the world’s nuances with a clarity some never thought possible. It has become her faithful companion, empowering her to actively engage in social gatherings and cherish moments with loved ones.

Jenna Shared, “If you or someone you know is experiencing hearing loss, I can’t recommend the Pocketalker enough. It has redefined what’s possible for me and brought the magic of sound back into my world. Thank you, Pocketalker, for this incredible gift of hearing!”