Loving older couple

Reconnecting Hearts: How a Pocketalker Amplified Love and Conversations for Bob and Rita 

Bob and Rita, a loving couple who have been married for 58 years, have faced life’s challenges together. Bob’s hearing deteriorated over time, and he had to rely on hearing aids to stay connected to those he loves. Unfortunately, a health issue caused fluid to build up in his ears, further impacting his hearing to the point that even his hearing aids were ineffective. As a result, Bob’s hearing loss not only affected his life but also Rita’s. Without his hearing aids, he couldn’t hear his wife or loved ones unless they yelled into his ears.  

People with hearing loss often feel isolated and lonely when they can’t participate in conversations, and their hearing loss can have a negative impact on their family and friends too. Rita said, “I felt lonely and scared of losing my connection with Bob. We’ve always enjoyed each other’s company and spending hours having engaging conversations. But without his hearing aids, having a conversation became exhausting for both of us, and our daily conversations dwindled.”

Thankfully, Bob’s Veterans Health Administration audiologist got him a Pocketalker sound amplifier while waiting for his appointment to see an ENT specialist. The handheld device helps amplify the sounds closest to a person, and it was a game-changer for Bob and Rita’s lives. Rita said, “When Bob put on the earphones and turned on the Pocketalker, I saw a smile spread across his face as he once again heard the world around him. It was the first time in several months that we could converse without me shouting. The Pocketalker gave me back my best friend!”