Personal Hearing Solutions

40 Years of Silence – Broken by The Pocketalker

After being proclaimed deaf, Jerry gave up on the idea of hearing for 40 years. However, after receiving the Pocketalker 2.0, Jerry’s family sent us an incredible story of how the device has helped him to hear, after years of silence.

“We cannot express how happy we are with the results of Dad’s hearing after using [the Pocketalker 2.0,] which was beyond our expectations.  He has been completely deaf in his left ear for 40 years (or so we were told) and profoundly deaf in his right ear.

My dad and I experimented with adjusting the volume and tone on his Pocketalker device. To our amazement, my dad claimed he could hear in stereo, despite being previously diagnosed as completely deaf in his left ear. We were skeptical, but after some testing, we found that he could hear through the left headphone, though not as well as his right ear. This discovery has been life-changing for my dad, who can now enjoy conversations and music after years of living with deafness.”