COVID-19 Solutions

Communication with technology is more important than ever. Williams AV has many products to help you communicate clearly while keeping socially distant.

Woman watching captioned chat with another woman

Caption Assist

The educational benefits of open captioning make the Caption Assist a great fit for people who are visual learners, learning a new language, or in an environment that isn’t suitable for sound re-enforcement. The Caption Assist is also an alternative solution for assistive listening needs and caters to people in the deaf community who don’t know sign language.

The Pocketalker is a great fit for people who can’t get in to see their audiologist due to Covid related closures, need help hearing video conferences and phone calls, or are having trouble hearing people who are wearing masks. Start hearing now with the Pocketalker, a simple and affordable option when it comes to finding an assistive listening device for your hearing needs.

These days contactless communication is essential to get through our day to day lives. People are figuring out ways to work from home and socially distance, but what if this isn’t possible for your line of work? We have you covered with the DigiWave 400, a full duplex portable, wireless 2-way, system for short range communication. The DigiWave is ideal for social distancing in an array of applications like teaching, training, and interpreting. It can also be used in courtrooms, classrooms, hospitals, restaurants and warehouses. In addition, the DigiWave 400 is a cost-effective alternative to other expensive 2-way radios. DigiWave 400, communicate safely.

With mandatory closures and restrictions, venues that host live events around the world are in search of solutions to accommodate the new normal that is social distancing. At Williams AV, we know that attending religious services, concerts, graduations etc. are all important parts of life. With the FM Drive in System you no longer have to cancel your plans! Simply hop in your car with an FM receiver or your very own cell phone and enjoy the show.