TalkPerfect Duplex Intercom

The TalkPerfect DX Speech Enhancement system is designed to improve communication at fixed screen counters. Based on proven, reliable and patented technology, the full duplex system amplifies speech for both customer and staff, minimizing background noise and actively reducing acoustic feedback.

The modular design, contemporary styling and wide range of accessories means the TalkPerfect DX system is always easy to install and never looks out of place, whether it is for a retrofit or new build application. A range of microphones and loudspeakers are available for staff and client side to optimize user experience and to integrate well with the aesthetics and spatial requirements for the installation. The Ampetronic TalkPerfect intercom is typically installed below counter in conjunction with a CLD1 induction loop, providing a fully integrated intercom and control module, with a host of features and accessories for integration into any environment.

Talk Perfect Kits include:
Kit 1:

  1. 1 Glass Mount Mic
  2. 1 combination mic
  3. 1 Pod speaker

Kit 3:

  1. 1 Pod Mic
  2. 1 combination mic
  3. 1 Pod speaker

Kit 4:

  1. 2 Pod Mics
  2. 2 Pod speakers

Williams AV is proud to offer Ampetronic TalkPerfect products in the United States, Latin America and Canada. To purchase Ampetronic products in other countries, please visit

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