CMR3 calibrated measuring receiver

The CMR3 calibrated receiver is designed for measuring the performance of audio induction loop systems. The audio output is within ±0.25 dB over the frequency range and where used with a suitable audio analyser such as the Minilyser from Neutrik Ltd, the frequency response and field distribution of the magnetic field from any audio induction loop system can be plotted. * Calibrated to provide 0dBu output for a field strength of 400mA/m RMS, in accordance with the international induction loop standard IEC60118-4 it is an essential tool for anyone wishing to assess loop system performance for analyses or certification.

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Magnetic field response 400mA/m RMS: 0dBu audio output (0.775V) Field strength: Coil orientation vertical (indicated by h)
Frequency response 50Hz to 8kHz: ±0.25dB
30Hz and 14kHz: -3dB
A-weighting filter: EN61672-1:2003 sound level meter (Switched)
Gain stability Output variation over battery life Output variation due to loading [lt]0.1dB
Output variation over temperature range [lt]0.25dB
Overall gain variation [lt]0.5dB
Output Output type: Active Balanced
Load impedance: [gt]600Ω
Connector: 3.5mm stereo jack socket
Power Battery: 2 x AA alkaline Battery life: Approximately 200 hours Battery condition: OK when LED illuminated
Dimensions 62 w x 26 d x 112 h (mm)
Temperature range -10°C to +45°C
Weight 84g (excluding batteries)


5 Years

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